Via Hospital Management
           Our software Hospital Management System includes registration of patients, storing their details into the system and also computerized billing in the pharmacy, and Store. Our software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and the staff automatically. It includes a search facility to know the current status of each Patient. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id. The Hospital Management System can be entered using a username and password. It is accessible either by an administrator or receptionist. Only they can add data into the database. The data can be retrieved easily. The interface is very user-friendly. The data are well protected for personal use and makes the data processing very fast

Software Module

  1. Computerized patient registration
  2. Identify patient in block level
  3. Identify patient on the base of disease
  4. Maintain unique id of patient
  5. Fast diseases analysis
  6. Drug distribution on id basis
  7. Auto drug demand generation
  8. Drug distribution valid only for 3 days after prescribed medicine.
  9. Pharmacy counter maintain the Data of distributed medicine and maintain the stock on the pharmacy counter.
  10. Store can manage the medicine and equipments.
  11. Store keep record of Distributed medicine and equipment
  12. Analysis the ultrasound ,x ray report and pathology report
  13. Analysis the OPD doctor activity
  14. Report Generation on basis of structured query.
  15. Data Analysis on Basis of Hospital management.
  16. Data Base back up

Customize software also available on client demand.