Via School Management Software
                   We provide school management software. Aims of our school management software provide automated and easy handling school activity by the help of software. We focus on modern need of school. Our school management software handle all school activities.
                 The fee Management software module automatically calculates the pending fees, payment details, deduction and concessions, if any applicable to the selected student & allows paying through any mode of payment as cash/check/draft by student wise/class wise & section wise.
                  School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. Our School Management System allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching materials etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.
                  Our School Management software could make your school staff's life easier than ever. Using School Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students' statement becomes just a few minutes' job (the speed limitation determined by your printer), but it could be a nightmare without using School Management System. If a student is absent, an email or even a short text message could be sent automatically to their parents' email address or mobile phone...

Why via School Management Software?

    • If you want to search a student's record in 2 seconds.
    • If you want to see account details of the student.
    • If you want to see student fee history.
    • If you want to see daily operational report.
    • If you want to see teacher’s record.
    • If you want to see teacher’s salary management.
    • If you want to see employee life history.
    • If you want to know which classroom is used by which class?
    • If you want to know who is teaching whom, you need SMS.
    • If you want to print students semester statement under a minute.
    • If you want to print new semester information letter under a minute.
    • If you want to view a class timetable in under 5 seconds, you need SMS.
    • If you want to know where your properties are and how much they're worth.
    • If you want to automatically send emails or short text messages to students' parents if something happens
    • And many more ...
Some Features
  1. Admission management

  2. Fee management

  3. Demand list

  4. Income record

  5. Daily expense record.

  6. Employee management Student

  7. Attendance report Staff

  8. Attendance report

  9. Account details